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This 3 session webinar is a Leadership Development Series for Senior & Middle Management.

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Session 1: 

(2 October 2020)

The Leadership We Need Now

Let’s start by stating the obvious: 2020 has so far been a year of great challenge and disruption. The implications of this on almost every area of our lives have been felt widely; not least in our roles, workplaces and on how we lead ourselves and others. The phrase ‘new normal’ has been overused far too many times, but there has been a shift, or more precisely a jolt, to a new way of working.

What are the core leadership traits we should hold on to during this time of transition? What are the new ones that we must rapidly cultivate as we transcend from a crisis management mindset to a more creative and innovative one to survive the short term challenges ahead in order to thrive in the long run?

Objectives and key points

  • How leadership and wellbeing are closely linked – and why this matters even more now
  • Communicating with transparency and empathy in turbulent times – the two most important aspects to this
  • Lessons in leadership from the New Zealand response and why it is critical to develop leadership skills in the digital era?


Session 2:

(6 October 2020)

Leading With A Growth Mindset

More than ever, we need a growth mindset right now as leaders. We need to challenge our current thinking on how we approach situations, reflect on how we work and what may need to change. But, when we harness this, we enrich our roles and lives as leaders, and those around us! Regardless of our leadership journey so far, we can all learn new ways of doing things.

This session will challenge your current mindset and attitude and will get you thinking about your everyday role in a different way, opening you up to new experiences and learning opportunities. In this challenging era in our lives, having a growth mindset to lead benefits us all.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise that you can grow as a leader, and your business through application and experience (even when it’s not going according to plan).
  • Develop and own your journey as a leader, sharing stories and the lessons learnt to guide others.
  • Innovate and collaborate; learning from successes and failures.


Session 3:

(8 October 2020)

Coaching Your Remote Team

As leaders, we have all had to quickly adapt to coaching our teams remotely. Even after MCO and in the future flexible workplace, this practice will likely continue.

All leaders, even those not in a formal people leader role, need to be able to grow their confidence to develop others through great coaching, mentoring and sharing of skills.

This session will open the door to you becoming the coach you need to be in these changing times.

We’ll define what that is as well as provide you with an approach and framework to make it happen.

Learning Outcomes

  • Confidently have conversations at any time to develop others
  • Reflect on each opportunity they have and grow from it
  • Identify when and how to coach, mentor or share knowledge
  • Apply the principles of adult learning and communication to developing others


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