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Who we are

The Malaysian Investment Banking Association (MIBA) was incorporated on 9 September 1975 to:

  • Facilitate a forum for member institutions to support and contribute actively towards developing and growing a dynamic and competitive capital market;
  • Promote close collaboration and exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge among
    Members and with the Government, regulatory authorities and relevant organisations;
  • Seek out and keep abreast of developments and trends in domestic and global capital markets, key implications and competitive challenges posed on the Malaysian capital market;
  • Enhance and safeguard the business opportunities and interests of member institutions;
  • Uphold good ethics, sound business practices and the highest standards of professionalism
    within the industry.

MIBA’s Role

MIBA has established sound credibility and is well recognised as a formidable force in the development of a dynamic and vibrant capital market and playing a pivotal role in the following areas:

  • Actively makes representations and drives strategic initiatives on all aspects of investment banking and capital market activities
  • Keenly sought after for its comments, views and inputs on business and regulatory issues pertaining to the growth of the capital market
  • Proactively reviews industry guidelines, laws and practices, and advocates appropriate changes and reforms to support an efficient capital market
  • Acting as a catalyst to innovate and promote new capital market products for issuers and investors
  • Collaborating with established agencies/partners towards promoting continued learning and training for Members as well as other market intermediaries.