The Evolving Business Ethics and Integrity of Information Barrier
 /  The Evolving Business Ethics and Integrity of Information Barrier
The Evolving Business Ethics and Integrity of Information Barrier
  • Start08:30 AM - Sep 19 2017
  • The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur


In this evolving age, financial intermediaries and their clients feel the need for greater transparency and control in the market. Ethics is the prevalent theme. Some key concepts and issues that can be worked on are, information barrier sometimes otherwise known as the Chinese Wall which is the offer of protection against the conflict of interests of both parties, and the prevention of financial crimes.

The Chinese Wall is the concept of an ethical wall regulating and safeguarding communication of information between both parties. It is commonly employed in investment banks between corporate-advisory area and brokering departments. This “wall” can prevent insider trading or leaks.

Financial crimes involving fraud, electronic crime, money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery and corruption, market abuse and insider dealing have raised significant issues in the industry. In the current world turmoil, most financial crimes are linked to terrorist funding. Due to the complexity of financial systems, it is often difficult to detect and prevent fraud and abuse of positions. As such, it is important to increase awareness of what’s going on in financial markets .

This is a must attend conference for all in compliance, legal, audit, operations and especially those in the advisory capacity, as well as interested individuals who are keen to enhance their knowledge in this evolving industry.

  • Understanding the necessity, features and characteristics of information barrier system otherwise known as the Chinese Wall and its application within the financial industry;
  • To recognise, comprehend and manage fraud in preventing financial crimes; and
  • To address ethical challenges i.e. conflict of interest and Chinese Wall Policy from the new digital age.
  • Head of Compliance, Head of Legal, Head of Audit, Head of Operations, Head of Corporate Finance, Head of Debt Market, Head of Research and respective officers.
  • Individuals interested to understand the requirements and developments in these areas.

For more details, please download the Programme brochure.

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